International Foundation For Orphans
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If you feel led to support the people of Haiti, your gift to International Foundation for Orphans will allow us to direct funds to the areas that have the greatest needs. As of now, these areas are in the Northwest, West and Southwest departments of Haiti. We partner  with Missionary Flights International, and can get relief items to those areas.
Your gift will help with disaster relief, medical care, supply food and water to people that are in great need.

Our organization is a registered 501c3 nonprofit, and all donations are tax deductible

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International Foundation For Orphans
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IOur tax ID is  81-161-3689
Our Current Projects
We were extremely blessed by the outpouring of prayers and financial support that brought us through 2015. We were able to install solar panels to the girls dormitories of one of the orphanages we work with in Croix Des Boquets, Haiti. Praise God Above!

We had several small fundraisers, including bakesales and lemonaid stands that our youth volunteers coordinated. They raised enough money to rent a bus, and be able to take almost 50 children to enjoy a day at the beach in Saint Marcs, Haiti.

Gifts of back packs, flip flops, shoes, socks, medicines, educational materials, clothing, bed sheets, dental supplies, and more were distributed to the many children. We thank the people from around the United States who gave so generously.
This year, our focus is two fold. The main project is to get a water filtration system installed at an orphanage that also serves as a church and school. What a blessing to be able to provide clean drinking water to nearby community members!
We also hope to purchase mattress pads for the nearly 40 girls that call this orphanage their home.  Thank you in advance for helping us serve the least of these!
 Bed Sheets
 We are grateful for the donations of new and gently used bed sheets for the children to put on their mattress pads!
Back Packs
Nearly 200 back packs have been donated so far. We are truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. Now each child has a back pack for school !
Medical/Dental Supplies
Electrical Work and Solar Power
This was our largest focus from our fundraising efforts! To be able to provide solar panels at one of the orphanages, to provide power to light the compound at night, keeping the children safer. The electricity also is powered in the church and in the girls dormitories, as well as on the compound grounds. 
So blessed to have many dentists that have donated dentals supplies like gauze and cotton rolls, in addition to toothbrushes , toothpaste and dental floss.